The Making of A Delphine Skirt

The Delphine Skirt from Love At First Stitch is my first completed article of clothing for myself. It was truly a labor of love and learning.

I sewed up two skirts before producing the beautiful blue one I now have. The initial attempt had seams that didn’t align and the waist was too small. On the second attempt, I used cheap fabric from Wal-Mart that didn’t feel good on the skin and I ended up hating the design. It worked out though because it allowed me to perfect my fit (sort of) for the third try.


The third attempt (excuse my “model” face) was really easy to sew together. Tilly’s instructions are clear and concise. But, I did need an additional viewing aid for the invisible zipper. That was a hard concept for me to understand. Too much flipping! I also made the mistake of purchasing an exposed zipper instead of an invisible zipper. Figuring that out was a frustrating hour!

My completed skirt has all its seams matching but the waist is still a tad bit big. Not too big I won’t wear it, it just sticks out on the sides a little. I had to keep telling myself it was a learning process and to not worry that my first completed skirt wasn’t absolutely perfect in every way. :sigh:


Because of my irregularly fitting skirt, I signed up for Joi Mahon’s fitting class on craftsy. I figured if I was going to be making more garments, I want them to fit me without the weird nuances. I mean, that is why I started sewing in the first place. My petite frame and short torso make ready-to-wear clothing fit weird.

So…more to come on that class!

Thanks to everyone who has started following my blog as well! What are some troubles you’ve had? (If you are a sewer)

4 thoughts on “The Making of A Delphine Skirt

  1. Amy-June says:

    Don’t worry too much, it looks great! Love the colour too! I’m impressed with your perseverance to make it three times!! I wouldn’t have managed that! I have the same problem with the waistband on most of my Tilly patterns … They either gape on the sides or in the hollow of my back. I think she designs them to sit somewhere slightly different on the body to where I would wear it! So I am going to keep practicing for that perfect waist fit!

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