Long time, no post

It has been a crazy year you guys! When I started this sewing blog, my husband and I were in the midst of trying to sell our house and all the craziness that comes along with that. So, early this spring we finally sold our home. However, that came with a catch since the house of my husband’s dreams wasn’t going to be available until early October. With that being said, I am typing this post out while sitting at an RV dinette table. I had to put all my sewing efforts on hold while we lived/live in an RV over the summer. My RV living time is coming to a close fairly soon, and I wanted to get back into the swing of things with this blog.

While living in the RV, I still wanted to do something crafty and with my hands. Space is a limited option, but I thought trying my luck with embroidery might be a good place to start. It’s a portable craft, like knitting, which meant a space saver. I searched Etsy for some beginner embroidery kits when I couldn’t find anything cute at the local chain craft stores, and I stumbled upon GurleyGurlBoutique. All of the embroidery kits are incredibly cute and easy to do! They are like paint by numbers but with thread and cute designs! All of the ones I completed were just a simple running stitch in different colors.

Here’s a snap of all three of the designs together. I wanted three animals that would look super cute together and that I could use as decor in my highly fantasized about new sewing room.

embriodery post (1 of 4)

These little embroidery hoops were so much fun to do after work while sitting outside the RV. First up for a closer look is the hedgehog hoop, which also happens to be the featured image for this post.

embriodery post (2 of 4)

Love the colors next to the wood, and I think all the greens tie all the hoops together nicely. Next up: the owl hoop.

embriodery post (4 of 4)

I differed from the prescribed colors for the owl. I am a lover of the color blue and thought it looked better than the all red owl. Each hoop set is $10 and you get more than enough thread to complete it. Final hoop: the fox.

embriodery post (3 of 4)

My sister loved this one, so I may have to order another to finish for her. Whenever I get my sewing room back, I’ll take a couple pictures of where these guys ended up. But, fair warning, that won’t be for a long time! If you want to take a look or purchase the hoops for yourself, all of them have the links going to their specific page.

My next project, since we are still RV bound for a little while, is a more intricate embroidery pattern that has a lot more technique involved.

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